What is the difference between Content Marketing and SEO?


Content marketing & SEO

We keep on thinking which strategy comes better, content marketing or SEO? The truth is, content marketing and SEO must come together in this technology where search engines keep on changing its algorithm.  Content marketing is the process of promoting your sites with your quality content through different social sites. SEO makes your website being shown on search engines. With the proper strategies of promoting your content, search engines can found its way to make your products on top of the search engine pages. Both of them can be used at the same time with the strategies that works when they are together.

SEO & content marketing strategy

So, to quickly summarize here, we have the following strategy to help drive more traffic to the content on your own site.

1. Create great content – Good quality content targets people to read and stay in your site. Possible, that these people will turn into customers.

2. Promote that content with: This will works on the right category or niche. Failure to do so will consider your post spammy.

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Link to the article : http://www.seobythesea.com/2017/11/semantic-keyword-research-topic-models/#more-19443

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