6 Steps to a shareable content

Steps to a shareable content

Creating quality content is an edge for a good SEO result. You always want your content being shared right? We all know that once our post get shared by other people, there is something in it that made them interested and wanted to be in their site.

Here are the 6 steps on how to get your post shareable

Publish only a worth sharing content

Make sure that you post a good quality content with nice information. When you create your article, give your best shot. It is better taking too long on polishing your content than posting a weak content. Your audience may find your website incompetitive seeing a low quality content in your post. They can remember your site and possible of not going back again.

Use images

We always mention that graphics and visuals can attract viewers. People are tired of reading so instead of just browsing in your content, they pay attention more in the images which represent  your content. They take time of looking and clicking onto your site. Just create a very nice image that will tell readers what it is all about. Social media loves images and content sharing is the best thing happening in social media when it comes to promoting.

Use social sharing plugins

Adding social sharing buttons to your site will make it easier for the bloggers and users to share your content.

Reach out on people to share your content

You can reach out to people within your niche to share your content. You can send them private messages or do an email marketing.

Mention people by name

In exchange of people shared your content, you can mention their names in your post. Find some great influencers on facebook to share your content.

Write powerful headlines

It is always important to have a great headline. People can easily get on the eye catchy headlines, read and share it. Sometimes they do share posts while just browsing on them.

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