5 SEO mistakes that are costing you positions!


Five SEO common mistakes to avoid

SEO is the technique used to increase website’s views on search engine results. It is a natural way of optimizing web pages through organic words resulting to natural views on search engines. High ranking webpages and large volume of traffic on websites increase the popularity of your products or services on Google which somehow lead to increase in real customers.

There are certain trends and basic SEO errors that are repeated, and these make the SEO more difficult than it should be. Below are five SEO mistakes to avoid.

Great content will rank without optimization

Great quality content is good but SEO is better. Never think that whenever you had good content, you are exempted in optimisation.  Sometimes it works for some quality content being ranked on search engines but it is not advisable to every business to just set aside SEO. Onpage SEO and link building strategies must be present to achieve high ranking results.

Great content will get links without link building

We have this saying that “No man is an island”. That can be proved by SEO. Your business cannot stand alone. It needs other people’s help, effort or even your competitors help. You say so because you are comparing your business to your competitors. Wherever people is, the competition is there as well. Same thing here, you will always have competitors wherever you may go.

Duplicate content

Having duplicate content of your page to other webpages will results to your website disappear on search results pages. Search engines do not know which ones to crawl that will lead to your website, not being recognized. Even if you have your good content, if it is duplicated, no one can ever see it.

Poor quality site structure

It is important that once you build your website, it’s SEO structured. When starting business website we need to consider SEO to avoid time consuming on the process. It needs the proper use of keyword research to rank for the main terms. Your website must also be mobile friendly for all users. Not all web developers are SEO expert, and the best thing is to have a basic knowledge of SEO to guarantee website’s ranking.

Unreasonable SEO expectations

For some people thinking, SEO is not that easy. It includes time, money and effort. Time because you need to wait for the results of it not just few weeks. Sometimes it took few months or worse is over a year. Money, because you need someone to help you work on it. You need other people’s help to do the everyday posting or managing content. You work hard for social media marketing to reach your goals. Patience is just the secret for all of the sacrifice you put on your business.

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