Why you need SEO + 10 things behind the psychology of SEO


Why do new business needs SEO?


Obviously, once you had your business, it is mandatory that you optimize your brand for search engines. If you want your fast ROI, you would probably work hard on it. To better get results of your business’ ROI and to have traffic go to your site, you need to be aware of the following.

OnPage SEO – is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines.

Focus on your content, make the best out of it and always remember that using your proper keywords depending on your brand will get your targeted traffic to your site.

Create and offer only what products you have that your customers are looking for. Be reliable with what you have written in your articles.

OffPage SEO – Optimizing for off-site ranking factors involves improving search engine and user perception of a site’s popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority.

Here, you are targeting people who are using social media platforms. Proper use of back links will get the correct customers to your website. Go to communities and groups within your niche.

Talk about your brand and its services and what it can give to other people. Ask people about what they need that your brand can help.


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The Psychology of Search Engine Optimization: 10 Things You Need to Know


People would see SEO as optimizing and creating content. However, there is more to do other than that. As you focus in your website content, other things that must do regarding your online marketing strategies need to be practiced.

Here’s the understanding on the relationship between effective SEO and the psychology behind those who search for information online.

  1. Know your customers – Before building your brand, the first thing you should learn is to know your customers. You cannot start your business without researching how your customers would benefit from your products. Know what they want so you can deliver the best thing they want.
  2. Identify customer intent – In the world of internet where people nowadays are typing on search bars the word/keywords they are looking for. People are thinking for the best description they need for the materials or things. You should know your brand as well as the best thing that would describe on your product in which people.
  3. Address specific pain points – As you create content for your potential customers, its not only the good side that needs to be focused on. Problems and pain points sometimes can get the attention of your readers. Pay attention to those customers with issues and try to solve it with your products or services. Discuss with them and from there you can get the solution from their ideas.
  4. Use search engine queries – Try to find out what keywords people are using when finding on search engines. When doing your SEO, you should include long tail keywords. It helps search engine to find more accurate and specific results query. When people searched using three to five words, that means those are the exact description of the products they are looking for. So keep that on mind that when doing SEO, put long tail keywords that best describes to your products.
  5. Get media-rich with images and videos – The best thing to remember in psychology is, Human are highly visual. People tend to get attracted more in visuals, graphics and videos. The best strategy to promote your brand is creating moving images which can quickly attracts attention by most viewers.
  6. User experience – Using correct title tags and web content according to SEO standards has a great deal to make your website flow on its direction. Having a good layout design for your website, gets the possibility of the volume of customers coming in to your website. Knowledgeably aware of your customers’ motivations and backgrounds will make it much easier to lay out your content adequately. Fully-optimized landing pages help guide the on-site user experience.
  7. Sharing – Obviously, when you have your content, you don’t want people to just browse over your post and read. You want them to share it to other people and spread the content. Truly the best thing for people to get your content being shared to others is to have it quality and best content. That way you don’t need to ask others to like your content and share. Always keep in mind that best quality content is shareable.
  8. Keep the conversation flowing – Once you started the conversion, you have to go onto this, keep it active and share information to other. A good conversation is not just about selling. This also include sharing ideas to learn from one another. You can learn from other people, the way they can learn from you. Intelligent people do not just teach, they also listen and accept others opinion. In this case, you can keep the conversion which is good in your strategy.
  9. Guidance – Call to action texts in your post is one effective way in SEO. People usually pay attention on the CTA rather than on plain sentence in your post. That way they attentively follow what has been asked to. When someone goes to your website and is at first time, this visitor usually look at the buttons to where it leads to. Effective content that provides a clear but overview works well here. Always use clear specific words to guide people inside your website.
  10. Value versus cost – Your content must provide something your audience truly needs. Know your worth. Sometimes cost is not only the amount of money. It is the value of your content that people is patronizing. Always remember that your its not only the people but your content. Its actually how people relates to your content and get their needs from it.

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