Why plugins for SEO matters?

Required Plugins for SEO

The following plugins are necessary for your website SEO, usability and conversion. Each of them has its own importance why they are being installed in your WordPress site and all of these are free to use by everyone.

Top plugins on the market for optimum performance

Sitemap generator – recommended plugins use are google friendly xml and HTML

Redirection Plugin – 2 types of redirection commands

301 – it is being used when you have your new website and you want to redirect old link to your new website and is permanent. However 302 is use temporarily when your website is under maintenance and you want to divert link to a page that would say “This page is temporarily under maintenance and will get back soon. In this case search engine will understand that this is temporary and will not update any search info.

Authority Links – these are links from other websites that established trust with search engines. Those websites  are with high PR and and related to your content.

Maximizing the potential of your links and categories – You can manage a set of links using the Links menu in your Dashboard. These links also called a blogroll will display on your blog if you have added to your site.

Simple tags plugin – This is a very powerful plugin to be used on your website. It has the ability to create deep links because it links all keywords related to your posts and enable readers to stay longer on your site. It also enables spiders to crawl and index your posts.

SEO Smart links – It interlink posts and define which keywords link to specific URLs in your blog

Title Heading and Image Tags – Heading or post titles are very important for search engine positioning. You need to include your keyword title in your post but only 2 to 3 of your keywords must be used to the better understanding of what your post is all about.

Imputing Navigational Links – navigational links are best place at the footer of your blog aside from putting these on the upper part of blog. This will help increase sales and time on site.

WordPress SEO by Yoast – This plugin will also give your post a great boost in search engine.

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