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How sitemap works on website?

We usually heard of using sitemaps in SEO but how does it help our website? Is it really useful? Actually sitemaps play an important role in our website but to let you know that it doesn’t guarantee your web pages to show in search engine. So, why do we need this?

Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling according to It is and XML file that lists URLs for a site along with additional metadata about each URL so that search engine can be more intelligently crawl the site.

WordPress developers have their own ways of installing sitemaps through plugins. It makes site owners easier to use plugins for instantly creating sitemaps. Here’s how to install SItemap.xml.

1. Type in “google xml” in Admin page/plugins/new/search box.

2. Install google sitemap generator from Arne Brachhold.

3. Once activated, navigate to Settings/XML-Sitemap.

4. It will ask you to generate it. Click “Click here” button to create your first sitemap.xml file

5. Tick notify yahoo whenever you update your blog. You will need to create a key. Click “Request One Here” button. Once you have the key, paste it in the box.

How to Maximize footer SEO

The footer has a big part in SEO. This is the best place to put keywords and the easiest way for users to reach out by putting links to your relevant pages. Though is at the lowest part, most of the users look at this area to look for some information about the website’s owner.

Footer can also be useful by putting some social sharing icons. Social media has a big influence for users in building the business.


How RSS Feed works in SEO

RSS Feed sometimes interchangeably with blogs. Definitely blogs are used specifically to blogs and RSS feed has a wide use. Whenever you have your latest update on your web pages RSS feed works to help them show. Your subscribers would be aware for whatever updates you made on your website.

SEO experts believe some important tracking measures in SEO

<content:encoded> container

clicktracked URLs <link> containers

simple feed or feedburner

RSS feed is great for link building. There are some effective RSS feed strategies to use on your own website like getting onto bloggers list of favorite blogs that can be post on their own site to be seen by everyone and getting links through trackbacks


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