What is keyword research all about?

Way back the time, when life is easier for SEO professionals, people used Keyword Planner to find keywords and related search terms.

Today, things are completely different. There are so many tool out there that offers keyword research and people can try out each of them for free. The more tools people can try, the more number of data are being entered in the search bars, which help Google to return the most applicable terms. The webpage that can be ranked number one in search engines can also be ranked nearly 1000 related terms in the top page results. This shows that there is no limit of keywords a website can use for its content and still can rank.

But there is one thing about keyword research that is misleading, that is search volume. This is not a good indicator for search traffic. You can have a high search volume but it doesn’t guarantee you of gaining more clicks.

There is another common conflict that you encounter when identifying keywords to target; and that is search intent. When you start to choose the right keywords make sure that you know what your content is all abot, what is the goal of your content and what is the searcher looking for in your content.

With those questions, you will know and understand your goal and you can create the proper content for your business marketing. This strategy will give you the assurance of your rank in the search engines results list.

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