Keyword research as a crucial part of SEO success

Keyword research has been part of the SEO strategies since the start of content marketing. However, as Google keeps on changing its algorithm, there is a doubt about this factor that affects the success of SEO.

Content is being said to be very important to users and not to search engines. Then, that is wrong. Your website content must meet the users’ intent to be able to get traffic and indexed by search engines. Users have the biggest role to make your rank increase.

How do you know the best website to rank in Google? Simple, best website comes first to rank. So that means, all websites in the list of the first page in Google are the best based on the users’ search terms.

Some people may find keywords  not the most important factor nowadays since content can be shown in SERPs even without them. That is definitely wrong. Keywords come based on the users’ intent. This is why keyword research is very important strategy. It serves as a guide to your target terms and it scans all the most relevant terms in search query and give back the results from the other related sites. 

This process will show in time and the results cannot be achieved overnight. 

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