Understand what your audience wants to find?

Keyword research is the foundation of every content creation. Your website content must be unique and well written enough to attract your target audience to click and get information from your website. 

Using keyword research, people and search engines can better understand what your content offers and how it can help with their needs. If people meet the information he is searching for his business, he will spend his time to this website and will stay longer.

However, before doing a keyword research, first business owners tend to know more who your potential customers are and what they are getting interested in. This means that your goals are simple, what do you want to rank for, and what your audience really wants to find.

Basically, here are the common questions new business owners wants to learn from target customers. Let us use an ice cream parlor as an example.

1. What flavor of ice cream do most people are buying?

2. Who is looking for this term? What kind of ice cream is the most selling during this season?

3.How are people searching for an ice cream? What terms are they using? How do they ask questions? Are there searches from mobile device?

4. Why are people craving for ice cream?

5. Where is the location of those people looking for ice cream?

Social media now help businesses in marketing products. Users in every social platforms are very active and can make your product grow through their clicks and visits. Create a great content in your blog and your product or service can achieve the goals that you want.

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