How does keyword research affects the buyer’s journey?

We often decide what to choose from the things offered over the internet and this made us confused. Keyword research has been part of SEO’s marketing to help every buyer to easily choose from the list of terms. Online marketing is getting high in demand and people are dependent on search engines.

Most businesses are using keyword tool which can help them find their target users’ search terms. This can help them being aware with what the buyer’s need and looking for in a product. Google Keyword Planner has been the keyword research tool for every SEO strategist. However, there are things most SEO expert consider about.

1. SEOs take too much time considering about the decision method of the buyer’s journey 

2. SEOs take too much time paying attention about keywords, instead of niche or topics.

Between the two issues, the industry is more focus on the second one. It is always be “Topics over keywords” that matters. You need to focus and give quality content in your website. Your business can be easily find by potential buyers online with the terms that can match with their categories.

What does buyer’s journey mean?

Whatever the product or service is purchased, people gets into this kind of journey. Buyers can achieve even online or offline. It only depends on the product or person.

Three stages of the buyer’s journey

Awareness stage – People are doing research of what the product they want really is. Understand deeply about this and naming it.

Consideration stage – They named it and started to look for option and solutions to get thorugh it.

Decision stage – They make a decision and choose from the list the best approach of their search intent. Deciding the best thing to purchase.

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