The ideal blog post length for SEO content

Ideal Blog Post Length

Does article length really matters in SEO? Are you trying to hit the average target words of 2000 just to make your blog post rank in Google? Well, if that is your goal, then you can stick to those, but always remember that no matter how long your content is, its always the quality of your content that attracts audience.

A lot of people put an extra effort on writing articles hitting the ideal word count. However as people is more focusing on its length, search engines are more focus on the quality of the content that passes on the SERPs list. It is true that the longer the articles the longer for readers to take time on your page. If your readers can find the topic from topic their search terms then, they definitely stick on your page. Give them what they want no matter how long you write on your articles.

You are not only targeting keywords but also, you must have to know your target audience. Research for the right category of your products you are promoting. From there, you will know what your target audience really wants so you can choose the right words to put.

Quality and unique content comes better ranking in Google regardless of the article post length.

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