Keyword research in 2019

Google is continuously improving its ability to interpret searcher intent. They know what people are looking for and the information that people will satisfy through the results.

It was stated that in 2019, more or less 150 websites are coming online. However, not all of them could stay longer, in fact some can be forgotten. What important is that, the website that has built with a very nice content can stay on top of search engines. While other which has the weakest content will be stayed in the last pages of Google.

Keywords are the most important factor in your content that needs to be included. This factor leads to strategy of doing keyword research which can help your website page to attract more traffic and increase the search volume. A lot of business has grow its competition doing keyword research and following the SEO guide on how to work on it.

In every business, there is a competition. And so for keywords, we also need to find our top competitors’ keywords and the niche where it belongs so we can make a topic based on these keywords. It’s like we are checking their ranking in search engines so we can rank the way they do. In time, your website can be included in the SERPs list.

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