What factors are important in ranking highly in Google?

Important Ranking Factors

Google’s algorithm is rapidly changing everyday and so you cannot depend on what you believed in about the best factors to help you with ranking on search engines. Here are the most reliable factors to rank your website in Google based on the trusted and most recent studies.


You cannot deny that content will always be on top of the list in terms of SEO ranking factors. Its like every part of your content is essential to the needs of every user who searched and found your page from the search engine results. Do not let users to just click and leave your website. Make them stay longer time in your website by giving them the best things they are looking for. Content affects a variety of other ranking factors, including CTR and bounce rate. Make sure your content can provide the most relevant information to your audience.


Another important factor for SEO is backlinks. However there are chances that sometimes it fails when linking to some bad links. Be careful to where you are linking to. Not all backlinks that suggested to you are good for your website. Remember to link only to those high quality sites with content people will crave for. This is the key to a strong link building campaign. When your content gets a lot of high-quality backlinks, you strike three important ranking signals: number of backlinks, link authority, and link diversity.

Mobile-First User Experience

Mobile optimization is an extremely important ranking factor. You would need to optimize your website to mobile friendly. It’s necessary that your website can be responsive in all mobile platforms. People are now using mobile phones to browse websites and other social media accounts. Most of them can find your website through browsing their phones so make sure that it is properly optimized. Page speed is a very important factor which affects the length of the user to stay in your website. Desktop websites should load in 3 seconds or less, while mobile websites should load in 2 seconds or less according to studies.

Other Technical Factors

Here are technical factors which might play a big role in your website’s rank.


Websites with a strong HTTPS encryption will rank better on search engines than their HTTP counterparts, however websites that are not using HTTPS nowadays are now marked as not safe in Google Chrome.

H1 and H2 Headings

It has proven that there are more landing pages with an H1 and H2 in the source code. SearchMetrics found a great correlation between the use of at least one H2.

Anchor text

Make sure your backlink anchor text is diverse and organic. It must include keyword that is specific and descriptive to what is in your content.


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