What are keywords? The 101.

In this world google is changing its algorithm rapidly and SEO is what your websites need in order to survive on web.

The foundation of SEO is keyword search and you need to properly work on it. There will be no such thing as SEO without keywords.

To Benefit from Keywords, You Need to Know How to Find (and Use) Them

Before you can use keywords in your content, you should know who would benefit from it.

You will always think that its your business that will get attention but most importantly, its the best thing that you should know how you could give your target the best they would need. To be able to know how you could be beneficial to your customers is to know what niche your belong to.

Go to different social media networks or communities related to your niche. There you can able to find your prospects which you can be your market. Start by doing social shares and promotions.

Where to find niche topics

Content ideas can be based on what you offer to your audience and it starts on finding the right niche.

Writing content using related keywords in your article will people to easily find your website. However you can only gain people to get into your site when you used the correct keywords.

To help you on searching the right keywords, you can use tool for keyword research.

Why keyword research is so important

We all know that keyword is a very important element of SEO and proper use of keywords in your content will have a huge impact to your website. Keyword research is what every digital marketer is practicing to have their websites being shown in search engines.

Using the right keyword tools for your content writing will help your website gain traffic. It also help users lead to your website when they search for the correct term they need related to your keywords. You need to know different types of keywords to use depending on what your target users need.

For example users are looking for iphones and the tool will show results for that specific term. Search engines will not only show pages with iphones only but probably it will show all terms related to iphones like battery, battery life etc. So if you are writing and you have your product you want to promote in digital marketing, you would analyze what are those keywords to be put in your article that your target users will surely love.

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