Three hyper effective content gap strategies to help boost rankings

We can use ahrefs tool that will help grow search topics, research your competitors and dominate niche. Here’s how to do a little bit of income you can work on your competitors for your business. Three hyper effective content gap strategies that you can give your content strategy and marketing efforts boost your traffic.

Find keywords your competitors rank for – But your website isn’t ranking in the top 100 search results. If you are not sure who your competitors are, then you can use the competing domains report with insight explorer.

Find phrases also that you probably not interested in targeting. Recommend starting narrow to broad search on it. If all of your competitors are going after these keywords then why wouldn’t you target them when all of the data were right in front of you.

Content refresh – Create and update old articles to a new and current version. See significant boost in an organic traffic when we update old content on the ahrefs blog. This is a blogging strategy that is highly recommend. The way for a strategy work is to search for other relevant pages that are ranking high in google search results for your target keyword and then to find subtopics that you can include in your new and up to date post.

Now you don’t only live your self to only old content. You can do this in just exact same thing with one minor tweak that will basically have content gap right in an entire outline for a new post you wanted.

Consolidating content – Rather than battling with your own pages in google search, you can compare two or more articles, see which ones are ranking best and then merge the post together.

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