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Why Keyword Research Is Crucial for Your Website


Web is so broad and content is what your website consist of. However, your website can have its value for every page that can be shown in search engine. Keyword is what your page needs to have and using the right keyword can help it being searched. Having the proper knowledge of keyword research gets more traffic to your web pages.

There are fundamentals people should know to have the correct keywords for their site.


You should know ideas for your keywords. Think of something that is competitive and will drive more traffic through this particular keyword related to your topic. Another thing is to find the less competitive terms for your topic and that will make your site more authoritative. This is what you consider as uniqueness.

Title tags and meta description

Search engine focused on the site’s title tags and meta descriptions. Your website pages must have the correct keywords in these areas. People usually look at the title page when they are searching for something and its content is the next stop.

Using the right keyword tool for research is the best thing you can do to have the correct keyword for your content. It also comes with finding the best related words for your product or brands.


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Long-tail Keyword Research Strategy to improve your SEO


Following a simple long tail keyword research for your article to improve SEO in your website has the more potential to make your websites rank high.

Writing three to four word phrases for keywords related to your content is more competing to search engine. It is like more descriptive and people usually search for more specific and descriptive terms that will show on google rather than those general terms. Internet is so broad and if you will just type one or two word phrases, it will show all the general terms for that specific category.

There are four ways to find the right long tail keywords

1. Research about your competitors

You can have ideas of what your keywords might be through your competitors. Find the most searched terms of other business in your same niche, that means people are looking for it as well.

2. Know your main keywords

Get the idea with the main brand you are promoting. People you are targeting will look for the more specific terms before the long tail keywords. Your ideas for your the three word term will be based on your main keywords. There are lots of free keyword research tools to use over the internet.

3. Determine your long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are more descriptive and competitive. Combine these long tail keywords to your landing page when optimizing your website. Importantly your website must be search engine friendly in terms of layout, design and speed in order to drive more traffic.

4. Track your keyword competitiveness

Monitor the activity of your keywords. You cannot expect that all your keywords used will show good results on search engine. It will take time for your website to rank and know the status on SERPs. This is why its important to track your keywords competitiveness and decide of changes to get the desired results.


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On Page SEO: A (2M Keyword) Data Driven Analysis


Google’s analysis is changing every time and it tracks the entire page of your site related to its searches. Onpage SEO is what you focused on your website. However, it doesn’t assure the rankings of your website through the properly optimized pages. Here we try to put and look for the right matching keywords on the title, meta description, content and headings. Sometimes we do not have to focus our exact match keywords based on search engine wants. Focus on creating resources on what our target users need and would benefit on it rather than where your keywords should appear on the page. Its always the searchers you would think about.


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A Nutshell Guide to Proper Keyword Research


Content has a big role in making your business website. However, you cannot search for the correct keyword without knowing who would support your business. Finding your consumers is also very important for they are the ones that would make your business grow.

Keyword research is the main thing that every business owners should think about when starting. The right tools and strategy must be considered.

1. Find the best tools for keyword research – There are many research tools over the internet that will help you find your best keyword for your business. They offer free trial for every searches and others require payment. Some tools are free to use like Google Keyword Planner Tool which is a product from Google Adwords that provides data around the search queries that happen in Google and other resources for planning a Google Adwords specific advertising campaign, Google’s Suggestion Search Box which is for long tail keywords, variations and ideas and the SCM or SEO Content Machine which support T1 content scraping with top 10 serp titles and help writers and bloggers on their article writing.

2. Keyword strategy – Think about what your business can bring to your consumers. What your customers can benefit from your business and what kind of establishment your customers will go to. It is like, “Give and take”. People sometimes buy a product which is what he needs and will give him the best results. He will choose in a convenient store the best shampoo for his type of hair. Definitely he will choose mens’ shampoo over other shampoo. In keywords, we need to use the type of keywords depending on our product, what people is looking from our product and the best description of our product so people will get it.


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