Quick notes from interview with SEO expert Just Morgan


Don’t Miss this Interview with SEO Expert Justin Morgan

Talking with the experts may help you get some ideas and hit your goals. Here we can learn some of the tips the expert shared.

1. What Are The Steps You Take To Optimize A Website?

You can have all the “buzz” in the world surrounding your brand, but your website can be horrible from a usability standpoint. However, if you’re website is not performing well and you have several powerful backlinks, your website can still run in a way you want. Its like those powerful backlinks will work for you even if you don’t have enough good quality content. Backlinks will do good in your website but always remember that you cannot guarantee those volume of traffic that will linkback to your site if you don’t have enough quality content. Consistent traffic will always be where the good content is.

2. How Do You Describe Your Link Building Process?

Before doing your link building you should know the quality and how powerful the links are. You don’t want to be linked to weak volumes. From there you can write your article base on those blogs and you can get ideas and even the keywords they are using that made them high quality. Not only you can benefit with this ideas, as well as your readers in which are looking for the keyphrases you are using in your articles.

3. What’s The Ideal Speed For A Site To Earn/Build Backlinks?

Try to have more relevant backlinks to your articles. From there you can achieve the most high volume of traffic to your site. The more reliable backlinks, the better rankings your website can have.

There is no ideal speed, for it is something that we cannot control. Its like we are running into the flow.


4. How Do You Adapt To The Needs Of Different Clients?
Have something that your client needs. You cannot offer someone which you do not have. People will visit to your site because they found something on it which he/she is looking for. Great content with links to related article ideas will help your clients find their needs in a complete package.
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