Performance tweaks & more comprehensive analysis results

A couple of background system algorithm changes have been made to Article Insights.

The changes improve 2 things:

  1. Article Insights returning shallow analysis results on keywords with no content behind it.
  2. The background analysis taking longer than it should.


Shallow results

Article Insights use to analyze a fix number of competitor articles when trying to find relevant terms and topics.

For some keywords with not a lot of content behind them, this led to less than optimal results.

Often it meant that you didn’t see all the terms and topics that may exist if Article Insights dug a little deeper in the search results.

This has been fixed, instead of a static number Article Insights will analyze as many competitor articles as it needs to build the most comprehensive analysis profile it can.

Please try out the changes and tell us if the resulting terms and topics are BETTER or WORSE for you.

Analysis performance

As a result of the change to how Article Insights decides when to stop analyzing articles, this can mean analysis can take longer or shorter depending entirely on the title of the article you submit for analysis.

For articles titles that are popular in search, it will mean analysis will complete quicker than articles on long tail or niche keywords (such as product keywords).


  • A slight UI tweak, you can see the total count of sentences that have been analyzed for your article title in the focus keyword box next to the language display.

  • Article Insights will extract article terms that are 3 words long now. In addition, the maximum cap has been lifted to 300 terms from the old 200 term limit (extra 50% more terms)


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