How to measure the quality of keyword research tools?

When you create a blog, it needs keyword research tools to find related search terms for your content. You find the most suitable tool that can give you the great result. Keyword research tools the we commonly used return the results from Google search queries. However, we are finding the quality of some keyword research tools comparing the results that Google search console provides.

We prepare some procedures for you to analyze.

1. Started by defining industries with respect to various website verticals

We studied the whole optimisation of a website based on some SEO experts who have been successfully managed several websites. We found out that optimising content using keyword research tools that we commonly see online which can result to higher search volume of traffic can be effective based on what the brand is promoting and how it is being marketed online. Onpage and Offpage SEO might tend to give slower results or ROI. This may also be a long time process. However this strategy might help you step by step, reaching on top, and see how well you work hard doing the process.

2. Acquired GSC data from websites in each niche

Data was acquired from Google Search Console by programming and using a Jupyter notebook.

Jupyter notebook is a powerful tool for developing and presenting data. It lets you create and integrate codes, equations, and narrative text to extract website-level data from the Search Console API daily, providing much greater granularity than is presently available in Google’s web interface.

3. Gathered ranking keywords of a single internal page for each website

Home pages have a tendency to collect several keywords that has topic which may or may not be related to the actual content of the page. We selected a managed and performing internal page so it will rank more likely to be relevant to the content of the page. This is also more realistic, since people tend to do keyword research in the context of specific content ideas.

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