How to do keyword research for free?

Keyword Research for Free

Is it hard to perform keyword research? Is it possible to get keyword ideas without paying some tools to do the research?

To do this, you have to be witty and do theses tricks.

1. Brainstorm keywords – This is a natural way of creating ideas from instinct. Get a pen and a paper with you. Focus on the topic that you would want for your content which are the main key phrases for the brand you are creating. You will have atleast two to three terms to describe the main keyword of your brand. 

2. Get suggestion from Soovle – You can use some tools to get suggestions of your keywords. Soovle is is a huge database of keyword suggestions which you can find from Google. This can help you find related searches from different search engines.

3. Get suggestions from forums – Forum is one of the tools to help you get your keyword ideas. BoardReader shows the list of the recent posts about the topic in which the users typed in. This free keyword tool will display multiple threads and latest discussions. 

Google Keyword Planner is another keyword tool for SEO that doesn’t hurt your pocket and will help increase your search volume data. This has been a standard practice and been used for a long time.

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