6 things you can do for SEO now that you probably missed


The 6 Things (for SEO quick wins)

SEO is an important aspect in our business, we all knew that, right? There is a huge impact using it in our business for our online and digital marketing. As time passes by and search engines change its algorithm, strategies and other forms of marketing are also changing. We need to adapt to those changes just to survive, but how? Every search means a lot to search engine and high ranking keywords today, may not be keep on top tomorrow.

Here we will discuss the new SEO tactics you need to learn to keep your business survive this 2018.

  1. Optimize content for voice search
    Voice search is a significant trend right now, and it’s a rapidly-growing market. It calls for a new keyword research strategy. It just started in the beginning of this year and is now had approximately one billion voice searches every month. Voice searchers use natural conversational queries focusing on short queries.
  2. Understand what users are doing on mobile
    Almost everyone in the family has mobile phones. People tend to use their phones by searching and they rely on their needs through the results on search engines. If you are making your website for your brand, make sure it is mobile friendly so people would get to understand and see clearly the content of your page.
  3. Engage your local community
    First, ensure that your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) are consistent across the top-ranked directories. Also register your business in Google maps within your local community. You can put the image and description of your business so people would exactly see what your brand is offering.
  4. Boost your website speed by compressing images
    Site speed is important for your business and you need to improve this or lost visitors. The average page speed varies by location and industry, but it’s floating around nine seconds right now. So how would you know if your site speed is fast enough for the visitors. As page load time goes, inbounce rate is increasing. The longer the time the page loads, the chance of visitor loss.Here is the average page load time that website must be aware of to avoid the problems.1s to 3s the probability of bounce increases 32%1s to 5s the probability of bounce increases 90%1s to 6s the probability of bounce increases 106%

    1s to 10s the probability of bounce increases 123%

    If your pages are taking nine seconds to load, your bounce rate is nearly 123% higher than if it were loading in under three seconds which means you need to do something to reduce your loading time. So how can you start speeding up your pages.

    A way to start is by using Google’s PageSpeed Insights to identify the problems Another way is to compress the images in your pages. There are free tools that help to compress image files without losing quality. This free tool allows you to smush image automatically.

  5. Focus your content on topics and intent, not keywords
    It is the quality of the content that keep your visitors click on your website. They find something they are looking for in your website that made them coming back. Keyword is very important to be found on search engine, however you need to focus in the description of your website. You need to emphasize your keywords so people would find their search term exactly.
  6. Personalize your PPC
    You can choose to personalize for plenty of factors such as demographics, device usage, returning customers, and even cart abandonment. Personalize your website for advertisement, messaging and landing page. You can use other search terms relevant to your terms to match other queries.

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