Is link building important?

Why Is Link Building Important?

Link building is the process of linking your web pages to powerful links that would help your business become more popular in Google and other search engines. The purpose of doing this is for other people to be aware of your brand even if you are new to the web. How would you achieve the popularity of your brand and attracts traffic if you are just starting to this form of business. It’s time to work hard on this and take the challenge of SEO

People would actually go search and typed in the words they are looking and definitely they will get results. Apparently those results high end and doing good at the top of search engines results pages. You would want your blog to be lined up with other blogs fighting on the first page.

Linking to high quality links will help you achieve your dream rank. You should know what quality links you will build by finding the relevant content from those links and target your users. By linking to those powerful and related links within your brand niche, people would see your brand ranking as much as they find your great competitors.

Here we will show you the anatomy of link building to know the importance of it.

  1. Start of link tag: It is called an anchor tag (“a”), indicates the opening the link tag and tells search engines to follow a link to something else.
  2. Link referral location: The “href” stands for “hyperlink referral”. The text inside the quotation marks refers to the URL where the link is pointing. This could be the address of an image or a file to download and doesn’t have to be a web page. Sometimes, you can see something other than a URL, starts with a # sign. These will take you to a different section of the page within the website.
  3. Visible/anchor text of link: This is a clickable piece of text that you can see on the page. The text is mostly formatted to stand out from the other text around it. Usually it is in bold, italic or underlined with a blue color to indicate the difference of it from the other.
  4. Closure of link tag: This informs the end of the link tag to the search engines.


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