Finding the right keywords to rank on top of Google

Who else want volume of traffic? Your blog needs traffic so your content may be seen and may get viewers. Finding the right keywords for your website may increase the chance of ranking it on Google.

How will you able to do it? First, think about the type of audience you are targeting. It depends on your business’ products or services, and the type of blog that you are promoting. Sometimes you may see that your site visits is increasing. However, not all sites with more traffic brings more revenue.

Bringing more people to your site doesn’t mean that you’ll get more customers. Supposed the you have your blog and more people are getting into it based on the referrals from Google or other site pages. These people are just clicking your page because of those redirects or keywords they typed in and shown in search engines that leads them to visit your blog. People may find your blog content interesting and is helpful for their SEO needs and don’t need the tool for writing an article.

How do you find the right keywords to rank in Google? Pick the right keyword by choosing from the list of keyword research tools in the internet like Keyword Planner, SEMrush and Ubersuggest. Find the correct region and learn what keywords most likely to search from the specific region. You can use Similar Web and see your top competitors. It will give you ideas on what keywords your competitors are ranking that will help you on choosing the right keywords to use.

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