Creativity and SEO in content writing

In the world of SEO, content is king. Yes, we cannot deny that fact. Writing a content for your blog is very important. However writing is not enough if you are not being creative. Your content will be just like common website out there that doesn’t guarantee the ranking in Google.

Having a unique and high quality content mixed with creativity supports SEO efforts. You are increasing the chances to stand out among your competitors. There are few SEO content writing tips which will help you in creating your blog content.

Search for your important keywords. When creating a content, always bear in your mind that you are targeting terms that your audience are typing in on search bars. Find the most possible terms and keywords with the use of common keyword research tools like Keyword Planner. Once you have all those keywords, use them in your content.

Give solution to your audience’s problem. Creating a content with a lot of information your audience are looking at assures the success of your business. People is likely to share some helpful information from your post which can help your marketing efforts to gain views and reach other people.

Organize your content. Be ready for skimmers. There are people who click on your link, browse on your page but do not read your content. They stay in your page for a while but tend to leave for some reasons. Make sure that you organize it well with the right use of bullets points, subheads and italics to specify important information. Write brief sentences and paragraphs and keep them direct to the point.

Include facts and figures. Support your article with facts and figures that makes it realistic. You can put some phrases from a real story so people will have the basis of your article. Numbers are important because it states the accurate amount or count of something. 

Use relevant images. Pictures attract people to pay attention to your post and make them figure out what is your content is all about. They found it more engaging than just with plain texts.  Product images, blog images and infographics are ways to enrich your content and worth every user’s time. You can use ALT tags on the images to make it search engine friendly, meaning, easy to use.

Write for people. Do not write for the sake of your business, work for people. Always think that you are creating this article for the needs of your audience. How would people benefit from it and would it be worthy to be posted?

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