Content will always be the King. Why?


Content will always be the King. Why?

How does a blog make a successful post based on people’s insights.

Monetization – Traffic from those affiliate links on your blog will make you bucks. Its always be the quality content from your posts that attracts people and help them with their searches.

Social Media – Create regular fresh content for your followers in different social media platforms to gain likes and shares from them. Social media has a great potential in growing your business.

SEO – SEO techniques and strategies may help you increase ranking, however without good quality links from successful quality content, its not possible to achieve your goal.

Blog Design – Having a nice compelling design will attract viewers to visit your site. This is just your front and creating relevant content the readers are looking for with their searches will keep them coming back.

If you can notice all of the above things are useful but its always the content needs to get focus on. This is why content is king.

How you can create a great content?

So how do you write great content?  Practice makes perfect, it gives you a lot of ideas if you continue on what you are doing until you make it perfect. Here’s the four pillars to stick on writing.

Pillar 1: Be Useful

Think of your reader. Always bear to mind that you are writing for them and not to promote your products or services. You need to consider their needs, hopes and what would they benefit. Help them identify problem and resolve it. Make u useful tips for their daily needs.

Pillar 2: Write a Sizzling Headline

Create a topic that will catch your readers attention. Eye-catching headlines will make your readers focus and deeply read your post. Its the first thing that can be seen in your post so give your best shot when writing your headlines. Make them think what is inside your post.

Pillar 3: Make Your Posts Easy to Read

Make a post that will give your readers the clue in what the body of your content has. People are tired of reading very long introduction that cause them to skip the important part of the post. Make them easily get what they are looking for in the first few lines, if not, they tend to move to the next blog post and leave yours.

Pillar 4: Write Plainly, to the Point and Be Concise
Write casually like you are talking to a friend. Avoid using colorful words. Be straight to the point and do not make them confuse. Make your sentences clear and easier to understand. Keep it simple and direct to your goal.

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