Why links matter for SEO

Why Links Matter for SEO

A link is a keyword phrase or an object on a webpage that lets you click and jump from one page to another. Links may be shown as words, graphics, or buttons. Links are important for SEO for they are the bouncing tool of your website linking across different web pages over the internet.

We can categorize links depending on the destination, whether it directs users to another page on the same site or a different website.

Internal links are those links leading between the pages within your own website. You have some related articles or phrases on the other pages of your website that you want to be linked to your current blog. With that you are specifying or quoting what your articles are trying to implement with the help of your articles around your website. Internal linking strategy helps boost your SEO efforts and gives Google an idea about the content of your website.

Inbound links are those links from external website linking to your pages within your website. These are considered as the the backlink. You need to search for some other quality articles in Google to link to your site. This is to give emphasis of the words you are written to your blog that will give more understanding from the links on the other website.

Outbound links are those that link out to high quality websites which can help your site rank. These are use to lead your page to another domain name. You must have a good content so other web pages can find your articles relevant and ready to link on you. Once you get other websites link back on you, that means they found something they are looking for that would make their articles more readable.

Whenever any webpage links to another webpage, the creator of the content that used the link did it for a reason. They all focus on SEO and give their time and effort in building links would help any websites in ranking and get real people.


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