Showing up on top of Google search is hard?

You will think of ranking your website on the first page of Google within the span period of time. You may think of how you would able to get on top of search engine results page organically.

Here we will show you some tricks to make it on top.

Dominating long-tail keywords

Using long-tail keywords may give search engine the hints to have a broader information about your website. Use long tail keywords in every post in your article so people can learn more about your site and leave them with more knowledge. People will tend to stay in your website and browse your content from beginning to the end when they see enough information they are looking for in your website.

Spend money to top up on the list

You don’t need to organically rank for a keyword to get traffic for that keyword. Just remember to match the searcher’s intent and mimic the organic results to drive traffic on page google.

Write blog posts more than competitors do

Keep writing your best articles regularly. Having your business website with good quality content will make it attracts more readers. You can find your competitors content and make a better one that boost your posts over other websites. More blog posts, more chance of having your website be found by people who are looking for keywords related to your content.

Get reviewed and featured in round-ups

This has been a lot of SEO and outreach efforts for you that’s why you reached this kind of attention from the search engines.

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