3 tips for writing amazing content for readers & search engines + 7 tips for making content writing painless


What is keyword research and copywriting?


The Ask the SMXpert about the keyword research and copywriting. Here we will find their experience and their success on SEO with the following tools.

For businesses that have multiple locations in different states across the US, how can you find keywords specific to different regions? Google trends is a great tool for comparing the regional use of keyword phrases.It shows visually the popularity variations where the phrase is used. It means that you can have the ideas on the phrases if the used keywords were being ranked on the top pf the google. Google Trends helps you access data from the lowest level of the used keywords by each country, subregion or city.

What are some best practices for optimizing keywords through social media? Have you seen any success with this?

Social Media is a wide range of platform that every people is visiting most of their time in a day. Keywords is a very important thing in the search bars. Facebook, Instagram and twitters always value the keywords and they are all focus on the topics so they can easily respond to it. Including a keyword in your post can increase the chance of your blog to be found by people who are looking with the related topics as yours. People is looking for the relevant content to where they can get their need.

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Why content marketing works, and why it doesn’t?


For the business owners who are just starting on their brands, marketing is the first thing they need to practice in order to find their customers and discover their products. Content marketing is important and it needs to be worked out overtime.

Content marketing works if you are targeting the correct audience. You are creating content for your customers and not for your brand. You can do it by making a nice quality content for your post and share these to people within your categories.

Content marketing in other way doesn’t work. You started to build your brand and promote it, but you don’t have resources. Suddenly you misled and didn’t continue to promote it. Its like you are not consistent with your work. You don’t schedule your ads and people are confused where to find you. Content marketing is not a one and done tactic. It needs to be continuously done or you will never be found at all.

Link to the article : http://www.toprankblog.com/2018/05/why-content-marketing-works/

3 Keys To SEO Writing Compelling Content For Readers & Search Engines


We all know that writing content for your website is different now than from the usual writing we used in the past. To create SEO compelling content, we need to focus on our products on how we can create a compelling information that will attract our readers and search engines. Remember that we are not just building our blog content for our target audience, more importantly for search engines. It is already proven that most of the clicks in web pages were came from the results of optimizing search engines.

Writing SEO focused content is the heart and soul for manipulating the search engine result in its favor. To be able to achieve more clicks from visitors to your website, here are the few keys to remember in order to create eye catchy content that will also attract organic traffic:

  1. Always Figure Out Trendy Topic Before You Start Writing
    To get ideas on what topic you can use for your audience, you should first find out what kind of content your target audience is interested about. What factors getting their attention and the keywords most likely these people are typing in search engines. You also need to focus or engage with your top competitors. Join in the community where they are in, that way you can attached to them and you can follow their next moves. Watch their strategies and apply a bit to your brand.
  2. Make Your Audience The Target Of Your Content
    When creating your content, make sure that it has the information that answers the questions of you audience. They will be the target of your content. Your audience must benefit from your website so they will keep on coming back.
  3. Focused More On Featured Snippet
    The featured snippet is something all SEO prevailed writers dream to conquer it’s all possibilities in their favor because it assures guarantee for optimum visibility of their content and a serious improvement in traffic inflow.

Link to the article : http://www.linkbuildingcorp.com/writing-tips/3-keys-seo-writing-compelling-content-readers-search-engines/

7 Simple Tips for Writing Marketing Content Faster and More Efficiently


Truly great writing is the foundation of remarkable marketing. Many people may find it stressful, some may be boring and others may appreciate the feeling of excitement when writing. Its really a time consuming to create a unique quality content because it really takes time for you to think and create an idea in your mind. However some people has a gift of catching ideas easily so they are able to write while their mind is constantly dictating their hands. Here are the simple tips for you when writing.

  1. Keep your ideas. We can get a bunch of ideas every time but sometimes we fail to keep them and mix them up with other ideas. Organizing and properly setting up those simple idea files may help you with a successful content writing. Find a place where you can store them, it may be your computer, or a piece of paper to write them down so you can easily go back to them whenever you’re ready to sum it up for an article.
  2. Find the right time. Time management also comes up an important factor in your writing activity. Choose the best time for you to write and focus in your idea. For me, I think the best time would be when I am relax, in the mood and in the condition. Of course we have our own time when to do this activity but if you are a content writer you would know when you are comfortable of doing this. However it depends on the situation and the topic of your writings. Sometimes even when you are not relaxed, like the feeling of upset, some people are most likely to share their ideas and words through writing. That also helps.
  3. Break it down. When we see the wholeness of an article, we tend to get panic or think that how can I finish this long. Try to break each of the point and focus to one at a time. You cannot create a successful content writing in just a blink of an eye. Take time to finish on the first step before thinking on the last step.
  4. Find the best approach. Do you sometimes feel like hung up thinking of an introduction for your article? Or do you often stuck on the body of your content? If this happen, try to pause and think of the easier part of the content to start writing with. Sometimes you feel like the highlights or the main ideas of your article must be in the middles of your content, then you can start jotting them down. With those climax, your writing will come easier and you can get more ideas that you are expecting when you move and start to the introduction of your article. Its like you would start to questioning or giving come hints on what your content is all about.
  5. Avoid multitasking. When it comes to writing content, focus is the main requirement to achieve goal. Sometimes we are being distracted with anything around us and we tend to lose our attention in what we are currently doing. Do not entertain distraction, focus on writing and the ideas that suddenly comes up when we are continuously writing and we know our topic. Once it started, follow the flow of your mind’s story and let those words being written. When you are using your computer, avoid notifications that pop up on your computer’s screen. Better close other applications.
  6. Remember the route that works best. Have yourself the route that best fit your attitude on writing. Commit with that routine and if you think that it works for you then continue on that and just remember that traffic helps you go on the correct route.
  7. Get out of your own head. It really happen sometimes that you are running out of ideas and got stuck on just few sentences when writing. You have your idea at the top of your head but it needs to jump out and spread it out. Take deep breath, pause for a break and give yourself a chance to think about it. Don’t stress yourself. Let the fresh ideas come out and you will finish writing with a great and successful marketing content.

Link to the article : http://blog.clickdimensions.com/7-simple-tips-writing-marketing-content-faster-efficiently/

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